OAK Series 3-5KVA

Model: OAK 3.0 OAK 5.0

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High quality and availability of energy adapted to suit specific critical needscovering a vast range of applications. 
Applied to a variety of mobile applications such as commercial, emergency and recreational vehicles, marine vessels, construction and military equipment

  • Pure sine-wave output;
  • 25A battery charge current;
  • Superior performance from CPU control technology;
  • Fast Action AC Synchronized Transfer Switch
  • Wide range of input voltage, accurate output, AVR function;
  • Inner-Equipped protection for over-load, short-circuit, over-voltage, low-voltage, over- heating, etc.
  • Easy to check with inverter condition with concise LCD indication.
  • Generator compatibly and external battery connection achievable.
  • Intelligent battery management with protection against over-charged and over-discharged etc.
  • Special charging system design for better protection of battery life. 
  • Compatible with generators and suitable for harsh environment where power voltage is extremely unstable.
  • With standard on-line structure (three ports) and can be used as UPS.
  • Extremely low return noise and no disturbance to talking quality.

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